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Sunday Inspiration: Words from the Author

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I stand on the threshold of the next phase in life…

As some would say.

But honestly…

I’ve been in the next phase of my life since I graduated from high school. Friends and peers who forwent the undergraduate experience have been dealing with the stresses of the real world for the past four years, and no one has been there to baby them from the perils of the “real world”.

So who’s to say that Hampton University babied me?

They didn’t protect me from the ever so scary reality of student loan repayment.

They didn’t protect me from overtly prejudice Virginia police officers.

They didn’t protect me from getting a broken heart.

Now I’m not saying it was Hampton University’s job to do so, but even in college, the real world bites at your heels.

Hampton University made me the man I am today and gave me the fuel I need to finish this race.

Now watch me yuuuuu….

Hampton U Commencement 2010 – Obama

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I graduated on the morning of May 9th, 2010.

President Barack Obama spoke at my graduation.


a Letter from Hampton City Jail

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On the brink of transformation, less than a week away from graduation at this institution we know as Hampton University, a police offer took it upon himself to make an example of a student.

The details of the incident are not significant in comparison to their meanings. Amongst a crowd of zombies intoxicated with poisons to which the majority could get any citizen in jail, the officer found it best to arrest this student who was sober. Outside of a student party, which had been shut down, the student questioned the use of sonic wave disruption (a riot breaking mechanism) in a situation that was no where close to riot level. In response, the officer arrests the student.

Race, gender, and any other system we use to classify each other have no honest bearing in trying to understand what would merit the arrest of this student.

What would President Harvey have to say of his illustrious police officer if he were to witness this event. Even with President Obama coming this Sunday, this unit has failed at using effective skills to communicate with students. Even though they don’t use blunt and brute force, these officers actively participate in the use of a passive force that is unnecessary for the environment in which they work.

Bullhorns and mase are not necessary when trying to break students up outside of a party.
Pushing and using the threat of violence are not necessary when trying to break students up outside a party.
These are tactics meant to contain criminals in jail systems and should not be used to contain students on a small college campus.

Given, there are occasions where riots grow on college campuses, but at a school of 6,000 students with maybe less than a quarter of that number participating in social activities on the campus, these tactics are not only unnecessary, but they are also unethical.

When officers threaten students with violence, they incite violence. They become the riot starters, not the other way around.

I dread the day that these tactics are used and students respond in defense of their own livelihood and the threat of violence goes too far.

Be patient, for the day will come, until then, watch and wait.

Diplomacy is the answer, not detention.