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Sunday Inspiration: Who taught you to hate yourself?

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Just ask yourself, who taught you to hate [yourself]?

Be easy. Love conquers all.


The WillSmith/Drake Effect

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Rappers really don’t know how to milk the industy for all it’s worth.

Words like “crossover”, “sellout” get thrown around too easily when someone seems to reach a level off success that people perceived to be unattainable beforehand.

But let’s be honest, alot of these guys aren’t in it for the love, they’re in it for the money


the money isn’t in the music anymore. It’s about making yourself a brand.

In the previous era of hiphop, often referred to as the Golden Era, no one achieved this better than Will Smith.

The man formerly known as the Fresh Prince took his unique brand and turned it into a hit sitcome, then? He took that persona to the big screens. 10 years down the line, Will Smith is a pop icon, and people from Virginia to Uzbekistan know his name and face.

Drake is taking a note from Smith’s book. The former star of “Degrassi” was an artist before landing a spot on the show. He took his persona and lifestyle brand on to the show where he perfected his appeal and is now smashing the mainstream. The themes, ideas, and concepts are consistent. Plan to see Mr. Graham popping up in some major feature film roles in the near future.

These are not rappers turned actors… these men are cultural stop signs. When you see them, you STOP what you’re doing.

So rappers, don’t get caught in all the hype, or aspire to be an actor. Brand yourself. Take your brand to the masses in the best way that culture sees fit, and that’s not on Facebook and Twitter. Expand. Have more faith in your brand, i mean yourself.