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Lupe: the Trillest Rapper Alive

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In the post-dance fad era of modern rap music…[By post-dance fad I mean the year 3 A.C.D.S.B (After Crank Dat SouljahBoy)]┬árappers have traded their bright clothes and ridiculous sunglasses in for designer threads and…

…even more ridiculous sunglasses.

Now marks the era of the trapper, or trap rapper.

Who got snow?

Who pushes the most birds?

Who has more girls on E?

Who is more thug?

Essentially, all it boils down to is, who can emulate a weird mix of Young Jeezy, T.I., Tupac, and Jay-Z the best?

Now-a-days, rappers don’t just think they’re Big Meech and Larry Hoover, they know they are.

But even still, none of these rappers come close to the gangster of Lupe Fiasco. A lot of you may look at me sideways after reading that but, pay attention, and then you will understand.

The trap is a trend, just like any other trends that may have come and gone. I mean honestly, you’re telling me every rapper that you hear say they “move the work on 9-5” literally moved the work on 9-5?

They may have moved to get a job and work from 9 to 5, but illegal activitiy is rarely involved more so than selling a few bags of pot. But who knows, I’m not familiar with every rapper’s personal situation.┬áNonetheless, these guys are apart of the expected bull. They take no chances. They do exactly what the industry tells them to do.

Label Exec: “Hey you, rapper, wear this clothing line, use these ad libs, sing about these same two topics (drugs and sex), and be the best pickaninny you can be.”

It’s the same old bamboozled story.

But what makes Lupe so “gangsta”, is his oh-so-special ability to know what the industry wants, do the exact opposite, be penalized for his actions, still do what he wants, and still succeed at a level higher than the pickaninny nonsense that got him in a meeting room with all the fingers being pointed his way, anyway.

The latest example of that comes in Atlantic Records’ decision to finally release is 3rd album, We Are Lasers (I think that’s the name, I’m sure a Lupe fan will correct me if I’m wrong).

I don’t know the politics behind Atlantic’s initial decision to cancel the release, but I do know that Lupe has effectively pulled off one of the biggest grass roots campaigns for a single person since the inauguration of Barack Obama. Hear me out.

His recent Twitter petition for the release of Lasers, gained enough signatures to get the album released. He made the label do what he wanted it to do. I call that a win people.

Why would Atlantic even have a question as to whether Lasers should be released?

His first project completely changed the landscape of hip hop, by opening up the door for guys like Drake to fit in by just being themselves (regardless of whether or not they’ve changed after the fact, Drizzy).

His second project was a best seller of its year and an instant hip hop #classic album. Not to mention, it moved plenty of numbers at a time where no emcees were pushing units unless they were making up the latest dance moves on Youtube. Let alone winning a Grammy or two.

What purpose would any label have in not allowing an album from this emcee to be released?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, so I won’t go as far as to assume that the label felt simply doesn’t want hip hop, at least the good kind, to be a staple point of it’s business because they think it won’t sell. I mean, B.O.B is signed to Atlantic but, look what they turned him to? Essentially what Lupe didn’t want to become, a pop artist. (I def didn’t mean that in a bad way but come on guys, “Nothing On You” was supposed to be a Lupe track, that would’ve been a #fail).

Lupe is hip hop’s Malcolm X, in my eyes, and that makes him the trillest rapper alive. He just dodged assassination at the hands of industry politics.

Kudos my friend.

Make sure you grab that album when it comes out.

Support good music and liberty.



Sunday Inspiration: Who taught you to hate yourself?

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Just ask yourself, who taught you to hate [yourself]?

Be easy. Love conquers all.