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Post-graduate feels more like Post-mortuum

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Look at these graduates…

Happy and excited about the world that waits them beyond this moment.

I used to be just like them.




Utterly thrilled to partake in life after undergrad.

Now? Not so much.

And I’d hate to blame this feeling on one thing because it’s a culmination of many screw ups and set ups that brought me to the bottom of this particular pit.

Getting rejected from grad school, not being chosen for a full time position after a short stint interning in my field, being rejected from multiple full time positions, not completing my artistic projects…

The list goes on and on.

And I’d hate to say that a degree guarantees you a bigger salary because it doesn’t. Not in this economy. Paying thousands of dollars to be in debt for a lifetime. Right?

It feels like everything has been all about rejection and failure since May 9…

And with my not so wide view on life [due to youth] it’s starting to feel like that’s all life is about.

Rejection and failure.

But everyone says it gets better. You’re too talented not to do this… You’re too smart not to do that…

The only purpose for this post was just to say it.

So it’s been said.

And that’s all I can say about that.


DJ MARVALOUS – DNN: State of Emergency (the Relief Tape)

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A tape for Haiti

Download Here


I’m Graduating?

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I still can’t believe I’m graduating.

That painting says it all. Feel like the Real World is coming to eat me alive.

*kanye shrug* = ]

Seniors, how do you feel? leave your comments below.


Ask Not What Your Country Can Do…

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On this day we remember…

How much we’ve wasted his Dream.

On this day we remember…

How the very books we died for to have the right to read, sit on shelves and counters collecting dust…

On this day we remember…

How we only vote in one election, only to sit back and accept all that comes after because we got what we wanted.

On this day we remember…

The senseless loss of ambition amongst the African American community as a result of contempt, greed, and ignorance.

On this day we forget…

Martin Luther King Jr. and remember Dr. King.

Don’t worry about where our leaders are. Be One. Ask not what your country can do for you, but DO what you can do for your country.

Black Roses

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Words can’t describe the sorrow that exists in my world at this time. Losing a family member is always hard.

But I’m the face of catastrophes like the earthquake in Haiti, terrorists attacks, and misguided drone attacks on innocent citizens in foreign nations, this loss can seem miniscule.

But, let us not qualify the value of life in the quantity of loss, but remember that all life is as valuable as the next. For we all leave this world as we come in, alone. And our brethren grieve with the help of black roses.