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iphone vs. DROID?

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I went out looking for someone to talk to about their use of the DROID but i couldn’t find anyone that owned this phone.

Even during my time watching television i’ve rarely seen a commercial for this product.

This is where the iPhone has clearly trumped the DROID, a realm where no technology can save it.

Motorola does not have the financial power to promote this producte on the same scale as Apple so they may want to consider a brave partnership with a major cellular provider to make up for that absence i.e. iPhone & AT & T

the DROID can do it, it just needs someone to tell it that it can.
So with all the talk about Blackberry vs iPhone… I’ve seemed to forget another major factor in all of this…


I don’t know whether it’s the lack of OUTRIGHT advertisement or the absence of the device that have helped the DROID slip my mind.

Whatever the case… the DROID poses greater competition to the iPhone than any other phone on the market right now by default.

It is essentially the “bizzarro” version of the iphone.

It has all the same capabilties, including being able to sync with Apple software. It has a touch pad for those touchscreen haters out there.

And unlike the Blackberry, the DROID has a plethora of applications that can stand up against the overwhelming iPhone apps.

Blackberry? Really?

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So today on Facebook I asked my friends… iPhone or Blackberry?

4 out of 9 responded emphatically supporting Blackberry with comments like:


eff the iPhone

Blackberry all the way!

That’s funny to see/hear considering the Research In Motion company has been losing stock consistently for the past 3 quarters…

And, the Blackberry still cannot truly compete with it’s two closest competitors… the Droid and the iPhone.

It seems like RIM has done a great job at executing a good advertising/promotional campaign because the general public’s reaction would have one in belief that RIM was on top of the smart phone world…

When in actuality… it’s making a slow decline next to it’s predecessor and it’s star smart phone…. Palm and the Treo.

RIM has to have better software and definitely upgrade from the plastic keyboards if it planse to compete with HTC and Apple.


So you want a Blackberry?



Team iPhone vs. Team Blackberry

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What team are you on?

I’m doing some research on the issue.

Leave your feedback. It’ll be featured in a series of posts