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The Word “negro” Isn’t Any Better Than the Other One…

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My boy Daniel Carey posted this on Facebook last night.

So dope i had to “re”-post it on the bloggery.

Peep game:
here’s the deal: Today, Dr. Chirch [sp?] didn’t let me complete my explanation about the word “negro” in his business communications class today. He told the class that “negro” is Latin meaning “black”.

I said, “well I’ve read that it may have meant ‘dead people or something that is dead'”. Almost instantly, I was hushed by my entire class and Dr. Chirch basically said I was wrong.

In a nutshell, this is what I was trying to explain [taken from the paper “African Roots of Black Personality” (1979), Concepts of African Personality, Akbar Papers inAfrican Psychology, pp. 99-104] :
– –
“Negro” is a very interesting word because, first of all, it comes form a Greek origin meaning something that isdead. Negro comes from the same origin as “necro” and “nekro.” In Greek there is no difference between thesewords. Some wise and devious white scholar knew what he was saying when he decided to call black people Negro(or necro). If the originator of this concept had been using the Latin or Spanish origin, as is often suggested, hewould have called himself blanco, which means white. He did not call himself blanco; he called himself “white” andhe called black people Negro, likely meaning necro. There is a semantic message hidden in this word and it seemsthat it might lie in its Greek origin intending to describe the Black person as a “dead substance.” Themanifestation of the distorted African self found in the characteristics of the “Negro” is something that stands as abarrier to the real expression and real essence of the African person. The “necro” refers to a mentally, socially andculturally dead person

[i don’t want to turn people off from learning – the “wise and devious white scholar” part added nothing to the paragraph but if i censored one thing from the article, i’d have to censor everything that may be offensive- know what i mean?]

Before 332BC, Europe had nothing to do with Africa. So what happened in 332BC? Alexander The Great [Greek] invaded Egypt. Black History didn’t begin with the slave trade here in America.

Happy Black History Month, y’all.



Sunday Inspiration: Who taught you to hate yourself?

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Just ask yourself, who taught you to hate [yourself]?

Be easy. Love conquers all.