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DJ MARVALOUS – DNN: State of Emergency (the Relief Tape)

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A tape for Haiti

Download Here


Black Roses

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Words can’t describe the sorrow that exists in my world at this time. Losing a family member is always hard.

But I’m the face of catastrophes like the earthquake in Haiti, terrorists attacks, and misguided drone attacks on innocent citizens in foreign nations, this loss can seem miniscule.

But, let us not qualify the value of life in the quantity of loss, but remember that all life is as valuable as the next. For we all leave this world as we come in, alone. And our brethren grieve with the help of black roses.


Como estas?

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This is Deron.

Welcome to the world of @arehegold. There are going to be alot of twists and turns on this journey. We’re going to cover alot of things here. I’m talking about news, music, fashion, Ben’s Chili Bowl (i’m hungry), girls, good looking girls, colleges, the government.

Basically, we’ll be covering anything THAT COMES TO MIND.

I am…

1. Black

2. a Guy

3. a student at HIU

4. not single

5. an artist

6.  an aspiring brand manager


So with that being said… #ohletsdoit