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The White Carpet

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I found nothing interesting about this year’s award show…

besides the White Carpet.

I sat and tired to figure out why, white? Why did they decided to have a white carpet instead of a red one?

There probably was no reason for it besides a simple twist for fashion, even though Labor Day was last weekend.


The White Carpet screamed at me.

I mean some of the madness that I was watching… you had to be on some white.

Taylor Swift  had to be on drugs to sing that sneak diss about Yeezy.

Usher had to be on drugs to sing live while doing those aerobics he called choreography.

Lady Gaga is on drugs.

Pusha T sells them, apparently (eugggghk!).

I don’t know.

The White Carpet screamed an underlying symbol for the presence of mind altering substances at this year’s VMA’s.

Who said the 80’s was dead?

Find Your Love

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People spend their whole lives looking for love in the wrong places…

In the shopping mall.

On Facebook.

At the club.

At church.

…There’s one place where we are always guaranteed to find that divine gift of Love.

In our mirrors…

Humanity is special because we’ve been given the gifts of Love and Free Will.

So never worry yourself about being Lost from Love because it is always with you…

and always will be.



Kanye West – “Power”: Is it really that powerful?

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At my current place of employment, chalk board walls engulf the office.

People draw images, write great quotes, and use this as a canvas to express their creativity while at the 9 to 5.

Someone (who I don’t know) took it upon themselves to write this famous quote on the wall:

I’m gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had the greatest video of all time

Then this person continued by drawing a pair of Shaolin styled sunglasses that can automatically be associated with the creator of this infamous quote, Kanye West.

The following Monday, the quote had been erased.


1. It was offensive (to who? Taylor Swift. Not you)

2. Kanye West is a doosh (sp)

3. The office is not the place for that kind of expression.

If you’re not Taylor Swift then you shouldn’t be mad. Kanye West is a doosh, but we know that. And if the office isn’t the place for that kind of expression, take the chalk board dry wall down.

But I digress, Kanye’s latest single, “Power”, is essentially his comeback record.

Come back from what you may ask? NPR says it’s a return from “pop oblivion”.

I disagree.

Kanye West, as much as many of us may hate to admit it, has reached a level recognition amongst humanity where nothing short of genocidal tendencies would make him evil to the mass populous of people who stand behind the mad rapper.

He had at least 3 of the most influential albums of the ’00 decade. So, it’s hard to deny Kanye’s place in pop culture, even after Taylorgate.

This is not a comeback record, this is your run-of-the-mill first single from Kanye West.

Compared to past Kanye 1st singles, I’m not excited. But, I do want to hear what he does on his album post-808, so I’m still looking for the release along with the many other G.O.O.D artists slated to drop that day.

In addition to the fact that he continues his branding expertise by following up Graduation with A Good Ass Job. #Genius

No one man should have all that power, and no one single should either, Drake.


Music = Money (wrong)

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I have not found that happy medium for singing/rapping and not being a bum. All attempts at that aspect of work have proved more than futile and working in the industry does not make me happy at all, even though I enjoy making music.

At this point, I’m not willing to commit myself to that with the reality being I’ll have to support myself soon.

I refuse to be another 30 year old man passing out mixtapes.

The only way I’m going into that (music) is if a clear light at the other end of the tunnel is presented.

Everyone always says, “Try it now. You’re young. You don’t want to regret what you didn’t do“, but no one wants to help.

No one refers me to talent agencies, management, or the legal representation I need to be taken seriously as an artist, and honestly, these are things that in today’s industry, you can’t get without referral.

So, until the Lord tells me otherwise, I’ve effectively stopped rapping/singing. They say if you love something, let it go, so I’m praying that one day rapping/singing will come back to me.

I think that has hurt the most out of all this transition. Giving up rapping and singing. A large piece of me is gone without it but if I can’t make it beneficial to my progression then I need not venture into it, especially into the poisonous state of the music industry.


Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (official video)

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Drake ft. the Dream – Shut it Down

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I’ve deleted Houstonlantavegas from my library and replaced it with this…

it’s OVER… word to Drizzy

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I’m done with music.

Download @AreHeGold, it’s not finished and it never will be.

That part of my life is over.