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[NEW MUSIC] Deron ft. Nike Nando – “Mass Appeal”

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[NEW MUSIC] from the Renaissance featuring Nike Nando.

Download his new project “the Carry Out 2” mixed by DJ Soundwave below…


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I am not against people’s free will to choose what/who they believe in.

I am against making uneducated choices… especially when it comes to religion.

There’s already enough ignorance amongst the people who actively and holistically participate in world religions… the last thing we need are people who pretend they practice a particular faith and know absolutely nothing about it.

So here’s my point…

Young DMV men…

Before you go buy a kufi to match your Jordans.

Before you roll up your skinny leg jeans.

Before you put on that long robe.

Before you do anything of the liking….

Think about it.

Know your choices thoroughly. Committing to any world religion is more than wearing the clothes and memorizing a few prayers…

A few of you “Protestants and Catholics” could benefit from what I’m saying too…

Educate yourself.

If you don’t… Jim Jones will be waiting for you.


Lyriciss – Hot Music [official video]

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Gotta show love.

Dope video from the homie @lyriciss.


Deron – “the Guestlist” hosted by DJ Soundwave

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This is the first installment in “The Guestlist” Series, hosted by Soundwave.

Features tracks from Cayan, Model C etc.

This one doesn’t have the mix on it though, couldn’t find the original version.

the Guestlist 2 is coming soon…

Click the pic to download.


Deron – @AreHeGold (mixtape) Free DOWNLOAD

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@Wale @Sir_Hogans7 yeah im sure urs will be

in response to…

2sir_hogans: RT: @nazarethpro: @Wale says his album wasn’t submitted in time for a Grammy… It wouldn’t have nominated anyway… Idiot


…get out your feelings

I just had the respect to @reply you in it.


XIB – Panty Droppa

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It cranks. Chea.


Oh… Pants on the ground gogo.