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Guns dont kill Black Radio. Black People Kill Black Radio

Posted in Social Commentary with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on July 28, 2010 by arehegold

Kathy Hughes doesn’t like black people. Neither does Debra Lee apparently.

Hughes’ latest campaign claims that Congress is trying to pass a performance tax law that will kill “black” radio.

To be honest… This law effects all radio. Congress is trying to kill radio in general, they don’t care that much about black radio, neither do black people.

And what is a performance tax to a bunch of black radio stations that have sold out anyway? They’ve already showed the world that they’re willing to sell their soul, why not give up the rest of it right?

This is the thing, black radio was different from mainstream radio because it gave a voice to the struggle and to the soul of the black community. Black radio was the propietor of blackness. It was responsible for keeping the community aware. Now, it just keeps the community blinded, ignorant, and cuffed in the cave looking at the shadows on the wall.

You can’t get anything on black radio without a corporate sponsor or putting a little lining in the pockets of the program director.

Unsigned artist spotlights are a joke. They’ve sold this psychology to listeners that unsigned artists are nothing compared to the signed ones with their shiny cd covers and nationwide tours. They’ve brought the poverty line into music.

Who’s to judge an unsigned artist because they’re unsigned? Sometimes they have a bigger budget than the ones on a label (Yung Berg).

All of the news is either entertainment or gossip, rarely do you hear something with substance.

The souls of black folk were sold way before this performance tax, and Kathy Hughes, it’s your fault, well you and people like you.

So let’s close up shop, shut down the black radio stations and watch YouTube.

Who listens to the radio anymore, anyway?