[NEW MUSIC] Deron ft. Nike Nando – “Mass Appeal”

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[NEW MUSIC] from the Renaissance featuring Nike Nando.

Download his new project “the Carry Out 2” mixed by DJ Soundwave below…


The White Carpet

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I found nothing interesting about this year’s award show…

besides the White Carpet.

I sat and tired to figure out why, white? Why did they decided to have a white carpet instead of a red one?

There probably was no reason for it besides a simple twist for fashion, even though Labor Day was last weekend.


The White Carpet screamed at me.

I mean some of the madness that I was watching… you had to be on some white.

Taylor Swift  had to be on drugs to sing that sneak diss about Yeezy.

Usher had to be on drugs to sing live while doing those aerobics he called choreography.

Lady Gaga is on drugs.

Pusha T sells them, apparently (eugggghk!).

I don’t know.

The White Carpet screamed an underlying symbol for the presence of mind altering substances at this year’s VMA’s.

Who said the 80’s was dead?


New York: the World Jihad Center

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Land of the what?

Free?  (x_X)

So. the MTA has approved advertisements, such as the one you see above ^^^^

I don’t have to say anything. It speaks for itself.

The Teabaggers, excuse me, Tea Party members that came up with this sued the MTA for originally deciding not to approve this advertisement. I have to applaud the MTA for their initial decision, kudos. I’m sure they couldn’t handle a Teabagger lawsuit with the way their budget looks so I understand their decision to approve it, especially since we’re all so “Constituationally aware” these days.

But, what upsets me the most is that after all we’ve been through with this whole Islam/Christianity, desecration of the Islamic holy land, 9/11 mumbo jumbo, we still don’t get it.

This kind of response to the building of the Islamic Community Center (not a mosque), is exactly why there’s a hole in the middle of the World Trade Center right now.

Discrimination based on religion.


Don’t get me wrong, the WTC was built on Indian/African American burial sites anyway so that was their first mistake, no rabbit foot could get you out of the repercussions of doing something like that. And, I’m not saying the 9/11 attacks were wrong, because they were.

But you’re telling me, in 2010, people would be up in arms about the construction of an Islamic community center near the WTC just because they’re Muslim?

Maybe they should call it the “Middle Eastern Cultural Center” or something like that. Base it on ethnicity.

Shoot, just call it the African American Cultural Center, I’m sure they’ll build it then (sarcasm).

If anyone is worried about home grown Islamic extremist terrorism, they’d rebuild North Philly. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a trip there and see for yourself.

This is just more bad blood being built over ignorance.

Land of Glee, home of the hate.


Public Enemy – “Say It Really Is” [music video]

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Well I’m actually a year late on that but dopeness none the less.


Deron – “Renaissance.mp3”

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This is the title track from the upcoming project, “The Renaissance”.

RT. Share. Send.

“The Renaissnace” is coming 10.12.2010 via http://www.de7on.com

Devil In a New Dress

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Caught up in TOM FOOLERY where u had me


(swear I had never seen such a bad thing…)

…had she had not winked at me or laughed in or passing…

I’d probably have a life without misery and sadness.




❤ breaks.

Nascar in my Nissan like it was large stakes…

made the campus shake like an earthquake.

swear I’m still AFTERSHOCKED

Mars look like home to me.

Trey Songz – Can’t Be Friends [official video]

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